Go SAFe® with Flow, not Stop-and-Go!

Accelerate the ROI on your Lean-Agile journey with a network of specialists in methodology and software.

Transformation is a journey

– and the clock is ticking


The expectations for Lean-Agile ways of working with SAFe® are as diverse as they are critical for your business to be successful. Meeting these expectations requires a fast and sustainably effective implementation.
The larger and more complex your journey gets, the more things have to work out:


  • individually and effectively in detail, as well as
  • well prepared and coordinated with each other

Tools4AgileTeams – at Scale

We are a cooperation network initiated and curated by Seibert Media and KEGON.
Here you will find selected specialists for methodological and digital tools (software and services) in one central place.


With a coordinated solution spectrum that grows with your needs, we support you at any time in your Lean-Agile transformation.
Whether it’s a one-time or permanent need, we work together to achieve your goals.

A selection of our solution areas – interlocking within the network

Our shared goal:

Sucessfully scaled Lean-Agile transformations


Our belief:

  1. Methodological and digital tools must always be coordinated with each other.
  2. Effective tools require customer-centric experts and holistic solutions that work together seamlessly.
  3. Swift empowerment of the organization is crucial.


Perhaps you already know Tools4AgileTeams as the annual large conference for agility in Wiesbaden and remote?
We have been a driving force behind this conference from the beginning, with a strong focus on networking and community. We live and cultivate this approach throughout the year in the area of scaled agility to promote large Lean-Agile transformations.

Video content from our network:

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